Crap Happens Philosophy

Author runs Share Hope through Art, suicide prevention non-profit. Crap Happens Philosophy book is a suicide prevention outreach. 

Has something crappy happened to you? 

If yes, you are NOT alone. 

Enjoy reading how people deal with their crap and question how we treat each other. 

Want to share how you overcame something crappy or need some hope?

Check out Share Hope through Art!

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Signed books available to order now (pickup up to 4 weeks) at Heart Made Collaborative, LLC in Westminster, MD.

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*Tabs are sections of the book. 

DONATE link to Share Hope through Art- goal is to finish this book: pay for an editor, copyright lawyer, audio book, marketing, likely many copies to give to expert areas in different areas this book addresses for feedback, insight prior to selling online and in bookstores. To learn more about Share Hope through Art click here.

If you want to donate and have a copy of the draft version of this book, please contact author J.K. Viers at  

Page 2 clearly explains the Heart of the Book.  The idea is this book can also be a gift.   I hope it can help people dealing with difficult life experiences and personal struggles. 



 If you ever want to talk about anything in this book or something else, I am here for you.  I promise to try to listen and do what I can to help.  It’s kind of awkward talking about crap or love, but want you to know I love you and would be honored to help you through any hard time. 



*If you ever don’t want to talk to me or someone you know, please know that help exists.   You matter! We care!

Dear Reader,

The purpose of finishing this book is that I want us to live to see zero deaths of despair (no suicides, overdoses, or drunk driving) by individuals realizing that they do matter, are valued, and crap can be overcome, so people stop giving up.  This includes my opinion of you that you matter and I would be devastated if any reader died a death of despair.  I also would like to see world hunger end, that it become more popular than the latest cell phone, tv show/ Tic Tok video/ YouTube video… I hope we can create a better reality together where we leave a time of darkness/ despair/ injustice, division and enter a time of hope, love, kindness, healing and appreciating how unique we each are.  It is time to learn how to deal with our crap. Enjoy the journey and reach out if you ever need help along your way! 

Thank you, Share Hope, All the Best,

J.K. Viers